About Zephyrs Jazz

Zephyrs Jazz is incorporated as Zephyrs Performances Inc. We have been organising jazz concerts for our Far South Coast community since 2001. We are non-profit and our tickets are priced to recover costs only.

We select musicians who are of recognised excellence at the national and/or international level and who can communicate with audiences as well as entertain them. Our bias is to ‘contemporary’ jazz, but not exclusively so. We feature our artists in fine performance spaces that express the spirit of the Far South Coast – in the early days this was in Zephyrs’ supporters’ private homes, then for many years in Penders House at Bithry Inlet and, from 2014, in the Windsong Pavilion at Four Winds, Bermagui. Zephyrs Jazz also strives to enhance the community nature of our events, including through our post-concert gatherings with the musicians.

Our past performers

In approximately chronological order, our performers have included: Bob, Malcolm and Stephen Sedergreen; Christine Sullivan; Bill Risby; Adrian Cunningham; Hamish Stuart; Elizabeth Geyer; Phil Slater; Gary Holgate; Ben Waples; Karl Laskowski; Tina Harrod; Miroslav Bukovsky; Julien Wilson; Brendan Clark; Ben Vanderwal; Alex Stuart; Alister Spence; Lloyd Swanton; Toby Hall; Jonathan Zwartz; Tim Firth; Jeremy Rose; Nick Garbett; Alex Masso.  

All of these artists have established reputations for excellence and many have been APRA, Bell Award, National Jazz Award, Freedman Fellowship, Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year and international competition award winners or finalists.

The 2017 Committee

Roger Stuart


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Suzie Lane

Treasurer & Public Officer


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